Current Prayer List 

Praises- God from whom all blessings flow!

 Sally found a new house closer to work

Sarah Brewster’s surgery went well (Bladder Cancer)

Zabrian Hardin – Married

Todd Mitchell Volunteer Lawn Maintenance

Jane Sorenson has scholarship to Calvary Chapel preschool

Judy Martiniuk no change in size of spots on kidneys

New Requests

 Marcia – Having neck surgery

Kathy Cassidy – Rotator cup surgery and recovering

Viola Forrestor – Niece and Nephew passed, Viola Home and recovering                                                                                                                 
Ann Castleberry Fell 2 times Pray she will walk again

Pop’s Anderson – Wife passed, need of Salvation

Ray Forrestor – Stroke, in hospital and nonresponsive

Jessie Burks – Covid 19

 Benito Camacho – Salvation

 Dora Mitchell – Pneumonia in hospital (addictions)

 Donna Mitchell – Recovering from minor surgery

 Yasu Cabaellro – Glaucoma Recovery, Salvation

Mike Rinck – Emphysema in hospital

Missy Rinck – Stage 3 colon cancer

Trip – Overdose

Justin – Overdose

Sherri – Depression

Viola Forrester Recovering, Niece & Nephew passed

Charlie & Tyler – Travel mercy

Donna & Warren – Travel mercy

Opportunity to witness to the lost

Vacation Bible School July 11-16